Inspiration from the cane fields of Fiji !

Fijian’s Rarawai-Penang Cane Producers Association  have generously decided that they will share their additional Fairtrade income with others in the community, not just the farmers who earned it.

There are still local homes in the area that are without electricity so the Fairtrade Association’s General Assembly decided that Fairtrade Premium* funds will be used to connect electricity to those homes without it.  The project is called ‘Lite Up’.

Similarly, they are also identifying homes that do not have piped water and in conjunction with the local water authority they are working out how to get water to those houses.

Although Universal Village has decided not to import and sell Fairtrade sugar (because we have so much of it here!) we wish them well in their endeavours.   We also give thanks for their community spirit, way to go!


*Whilst each farmer is paid per kg for their crop, under Fairtrade standards the Fairtrade Co-op is also paid an additional amount per kg.  This money can be spent by the co-op in any way they like, but it’s expenditure must be decided by the General Assembly of members.

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