Cocolo Chocolate

Cocolo is a premium Swiss chocolate made from the very finest quality organic cocoa. Velvety, smooth and delicious, Cocolo contains absolutely no refined sugar.

Care and dedication has been poured into every ingredient of Cocolo ensuring chocolate lovers of all ages a sophisticated chocolate experience – Guilt Free!!

Only unrefined, organic, evaporated cane juice is good enough to sweeten our chocolate. That way you get the wonderful aromas and flavours of the cane juice which compliment the cocoa flavours perfectly. Evaporated cane juice is also dense in nutrients (which would have been extracted to make white sugar). This means it is better for your health and your teeth and so of course for you and your children. We choose to keep Cocolo absolutely GMO free. We only use ingredients that are produced in the traditional way, with special attention to purity of the product, and sustainability of production.

Where does Cocolo come from?

Cocolo is made in Switzerland from the finest Organic and Fairtrade ingredients. The Cocoa and Evaporated Cane Juice are sourced from Fairtrade Co-operatives. The cocoa used in Cocolo is produced by El Ceibo in Bolivia and Conacado in the Dominican Republic. Our unrefined evaporated cane juice comes from AlterTrade in the Philipines. These communities are able to reinvest in their farms, their schools and their communities by selling the best beans through the Fairtrade market. We find this very exciting, and we hope you do too!

Delicious flavours