Qi Tea

Qi Tea (pronounced chi) is naturally sweet and high in antioxidants. Even non-green tea drinkers like the delicate and mellow flavour.

These innovative Qi teas offer high levels of healthy fruits, spices and herbs. All the teas are free of pesticide, herbicide, formaldehyde, aluminium and tea bag sealants (glues etc). Qi is grown by small-scale farmers in Xitou village in China’s yellow mountains. The sales of their certified Fairtrade tea has assisted these remote mountain communities in maintaining their viability and increasing their well-being.

All Qi Tea is certified organic and Fairtade, so you can be assured it is free from pesticides and genetic modification, as well as ensuring fair wages and conditions for the villagers where it is grown and processed.

Go to www.qitea.com.au to find about about each variety.