Rhino Organic Coffee

Award winning Rhino Coffee has plenty of flavour and oomph to get you started for the day!

We’ve sourced premium ‘local’ Fairtrade organic beans from Asia/Pacific to minimize food miles and put together two fabulous blends; Morning Kickstart, which is a great morning heart starter! And Safari Barista which is roasted especially for the home barista for use in benchtop espresso machines.

We’ve enlisted the help of our Italian friends who live and breathe coffee, and their steel-bellied beast (roaster) to perfect these blends especially for you.

Because we source some of our beans from Laos, we donate 40c per pack sold back to the Mines Advisory Group based in Laos to do cluster bomb clearance work. (In a nutshell, during the Vietnam War era about 300 million tonnes of bombs were dropped on Laos – more than on both Germany and Japan combined during the 2nd world war – and still, all this time later people unknowingly detonate them when going about their daily lives in their villages. They have about 300 causalities a year).

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