Qi Teas

Qi Tea (pronounced chi) is naturally sweet and high in antioxidants. Even non-green tea drinkers like the delicate and mellow flavour. These innovative Qi teas offer high levels of healthy fruits, spices and herbs. All the teas are free of pesticide, herbicide, formaldehyde, aluminium and tea bag sealants (glues etc). Qi is grown by small-scale farmers in Xitou village in China's yellow mountains. The sales of their certified Fairtrade tea has assisted these remote mountain communities in maintaining their viability and increasing their well-being.

Universal Village also distrubutes Qi tea


Cocolo chocolate

Cocolo is a premium Swiss chocolate made from the very finest quality organic cocoa. Velvety, smooth and delicious, Cocolo contains absolutely no refined sugar. Care and dedication has been poured into every ingredient of Cocolo ensuring chocolate lovers of all ages a sophisticated chocolate experience - Guilt Free!!


Home Barista & Morning Blend Roasted coffee

Our new Rhino Morning Kickstart Coffee has just won 2nd place in the coveted Espresso Class at the National Golden Bean Coffee Awards. Rhino Coffee is available online and will hit stores in June.

  • Morning Kickstart 200g Ground
  • Morning Kickstart 200g Beans
  • Safari Barista 200g Ground
  • Safari Barista 200g Beans
  • Morning Kickstart 1Kg Beans
  • Safari Barista 1Kg Beans

    Universal Village tea

    Universal Village premium black tea is a single origin tea from the lush, central highlands of Sri Lanka where biodiversity abounds. The near perfect climatic conditions combined with organic farming expertise create a truly delicious cup of tea - other teas will soon pale in comparison! The tea has a rounded and refreshing taste with a bright liquor. No formaldehyde, no aluminium staples and unbleached tea bags.

    Alter Eco Rice

    Create a stir with coloured rices. Purple rice has a sweet flavour and is a combination of white jasmine and glutinous black rice from Thailand. Visit

    Coral Red Jasmine rice is semi-polished using traditional millstones. It has fortifying minerals and is light and easy to digest.

    Check for availability

    Alter Eco Quinoa

    Alter Eco Quinoa is from Bolivia and it is a 'protein powerhouse'! Quinoa is considered one of the best sources of protein and amino acids by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations. Quinoa is nutty and wholesome and is light and fluffy when cooked. Visit


    Universal Village has recently introduced products including:

    Rhino Morning Kickstart Beans 1Kg


    Rhino Safari Barista Beans 1Kg